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        7680 Wp

        價 格:
        起價 ¥2.20 / Wp *
        類別: 離網
        地區: 中國大陸 中國大陸
        注意: 您的詢盤將直接發送至廣州菲利斯太陽能科技有限公司


        Solar power system is a new kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly system. It is a system which uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity. It's made up of PV module, controller, battery and inverter. It is mainly used in some remote and power-unstable areas.


        FL-POWER-5000VA 48V
        7680 Wp
        ¥16,900 / 套 *
        系統質保 2 年
        系統功率保證 10年期90%輸出功率保證,20年期80%輸出功率保證
        組件產品質保 25 年
        組件功率保證 10年期90%輸出功率保證,25年期80%輸出功率保證
        逆變器質保 1 年
        250 Wp
        Product Introduction

        Brief Introduction

        Solar power system is a new kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly system. It is a system which uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity. It's made up of PV module, controller, battery and inverter. It is mainly used in some remote and power-unstable areas.
        Solar PV systems are very reliable and clean source of electricity that can suit a wide range of applications such as residence, industry, agriculture, livestock, etc.
        Solar power system is mainly used to drive all kinds of household electrical appliances and office equipment, to solve the power shortage situation without electricity or people living or working electricity problem.

        Products Details

        Main Advantages

        1. All systems has LCD digital display. (Can see the system working condition, such as system voltage, system power, charge current, etc)
        2. All systems have AC and DC output, and also have AC charger function for backup.
        3. When the electricity off, it can switch automatically and take use of battery power to run load. When power on it also can switch automatically and take use of main power(utility electric/generator electric), at the same time charging battery.
        4. The inverter is pure sine wave inverter, it can load inductive load such as air condition very smooth.
        5. Each component has single chip detect which protected itself.(Over-voltage protection, low-voltage alarm, overload protection, over-heat protection, short-circuit protection, etc)

        6. Battery for option, there are many kinds of battery you can use in the system, not only using our battery.
        7. Felicitysolar solar power system can update configuration easily, we will provide a professional advice for you according to your inquiry.
        8. Easy installation, we will provide the install files and data to you.
        9. Competitive price with high quality solar power system, professional technology, and more function than other company.
        10. Safe and beautiful, our engineer designed the system with professional technology.
        11. Long lifespan, trouble-free and no maintenance because of the system components high quality.

        Product Parameters
        FL-POWER-1500VA 12VA
        FL-POWER-3500VA 24V
        FL-POWER-5000VA 48V
        FL-POWER-7500VA 48V
        FL-POWER-10000VA 48V
        Solar Power
        GEL Deep Cycle Battery
        200AH/12V *1pc
        200AH/12V * 2 pcs
        200AH/12V * 4 pcs
        200AH/12V *8pcs
        200AH/12V * 12 pcs
        PWM 30A12V*1pc
        MPPT 60A 24V*1pc
        MPPT 60A 48V*1pc
        MPPT 60A 48V*2pcs
        MPPT 60A 48V*2pcs
        Full Power
        1500VA 12V*1pc
        3500VA 24V*1pc
        5000VA 48V*1pc
        7500VA 48V*1pc
        10000VA 48V*1pc
        Battery Box
        2 pcs batteries in one box
        4 pcs batteries in one box
        4 pcs batteries in one box
        *2 pcs box
        4 pcs batteries in one box
        *3 pcs box

        PV Copper Wire
        FL-POWER-1500VA 12VA: 
        6MM2 10M 2 pcs; 6MM2 1M 2pcs; 16MM2 0.8M 2 pcs
        FL-POWER-3500VA 24V:
        6MM2 10M 2 pcs; 6MM2 1M 2pcs; 16MM2 0.8M 3 pcs
        FL-POWER-5000VA 48V:
        6MM2 20M 2 pcs; 6MM2 1M 2pcs; 16MM2 0.8M 3 pcs; 16MM2 0.2M 2 pcs
        FL-POWER-7500VA 48V:
        6MM2 25M 4 pcs; 6MM2 1M 4pcs; 16MM2 0.8M 8 pcs; 16MM2 0.2M 6 pcs
        FL-POWER-10000VA 48V:
        6MM2 25M 4 pcs; 6MM2 1M 4pcs; 16MM2 0.8M 13 pcs; 16MM2 0.2M 8 pcs

        Parts Details

        (1)Solar cell module
        Solar modules is a major part, but also the value of the highest solar power system components, its role is to convert the sun's radiant energy to DC power.
        (2)Solar Charge Controller
        Solar Charge Controller, also known as "PV Controller", whose role is issued by the solar cell module to adjust and control power, maximize battery charge, and played a battery charge protection, over-discharge protection effect. Place in a large temperature difference, solar controller should have temperature compensation function.
        Its main task is battery energy storage in order to ensure that the load-day electricity at night or rainy.
        (4) Battery Box and Wires
        Battery box is helpful for storage and usage of battery. And we choose special PV wires for the solar power system.
        (5)Off-grid inverters
        Off-grid inverter is the core component of off -grid power system, is responsible for converting direct current to alternating current for AC load use. In order to improve the overall performance of photovoltaic power generation system to ensure long-term stable operation of the power station, the inverter performance is very important.

        Installation Manual

        We have many certification, such as CE, SONCAP, ISO, etc.

        Application Cases

        We have did many solar power system projects in the past year. In Africa, South East Asia, Mid East, South America... you can see our solar power system in many place. We have got a lots of experiences to build a solar power system project.

        Why Choose us?

        1, Many years experience
        Our company found in 2007 and start doing solar business for a long time. We have exported our products to many countries, such as Africa, Mid East, Asia, America, etc.
        2, Strict Quality Control
        For each order, strict inspections will be put in place for each procedure during their processing. The negative products will be ironed out before shipping
        3, Stable suppliers
        We have cooperated with many accessory suppliers for many years, so we can get cheaper and high quality accessories and thus we can give you a low price and high quality products.
        4, Smooth Shipping
        We have partnership with excellent shipping forwarders, therefore we can promise fast delivery and have the goods well protected.
        5, Customers from all over the world
        We have enough experience about foreign trade and our clients can be found in many countries
        6, Fast reply
        We will respond your question as soon as possible!

        Packing & Delivery

        Loading Container

        FL-POWER-P1500VA12V: 100 sets fill in 20' GP; 250 set fill in 40' HQ; 125 KG 0.25 CMB per set

        FL-POWER-P3500VA24V: 50 sets fill in 20' GP; 140 sets fill in 40' HQ; 260 KG 0.45 CBM per set

        FL-POWER-P5000VA48V: 25 sets fill in 20' GP; 60 sets fill in 40' HQ; 480 KG 1 CBM per set

        FL-POWER-P7500VA48V: 10 sets fill in 20' GP; 30 sets fill in 40' HQ; 940 KG 2 CBM per set

        FL-POWER-P10000VA48V: 8 sets fill in 20' GP; 20 sets fill in 40' HQ; 1300 KG 3 CBM per set


        Q: How can I choose a solar power system for use?
        A:Your total electrical demand (or 'load') can be calculated by your installer. You will need to provide them with information such as the number of lights, appliances etc. Then according to your requirement, we can calculate a suitable for you.

        Q: What type of solar power systems are there?
        A: There are two types of solar systems, off grid and on grid connect. On grid connect systems, often located in built up areas, supply solar electricity through an inverter directly to the household or the electricity grid if the system is providing more energy than the house needs. Off grid systems, also call standalone system, usually operate in remote areas, away from power supply lines or where supply can be unreliable. The electricity generated by the system is usually stored in a battery bank consisting of deep cycle batteries which are suited for repeated partial charge and discharge.
        Q: How can I install a solar power system by myself?
        A: Felicitysolar solar power system is easy to install, we can provide the connection diagram for you.
        Q: What can affect the amount of solar energy received?
        A: The strength of the solar energy available depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the latitude of the generation point. The amount of energy generated can be further affected by the amount of dust and water vapour in the air, and the amount of cloud cover.

        Q: What kind of your battery?
        A: Felicitysolar battery is deep cycle free maintained GEL battery, better than lead acid battery.
        Q: What is the warranty for the solar power system?
        A: we offer 2 years warranty.
        Q: What is the terms of payment?
        A: T/T, L/C,western union, paypal, trade assurance or cash; 30% for deposit, the balance 70% before shipment.
        Q: What is the delivery time?
        A: 3 work day with stock after receiving the payment. No stock, 20 work days after receiving the payment.


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        • 1920 Wp
          4 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥3.30 / Wp *
        • 3840 Wp
          4 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥2.52 / Wp *
        • 15360 Wp
          18 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥2.13 / Wp *
        • 23040 Wp
          24 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥1.89 / Wp *
        • 1500 Wp
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          1 個逆變器
          ¥4.22 / Wp *
        • 3500 Wp
          4 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥2.77 / Wp *
        • 5000 Wp
          9 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥3.37 / Wp *
        • 7500 Wp
          18 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥4.36 / Wp *
        • 10000 Wp
          24 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥4.36 / Wp *
        • 3500 - 5000 Wp
          4,9 個組件
          1 個逆變器
          ¥3.45 / Wp *