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        發布于 2019年3月12日
        Meyer Burger 
        Meyer Burger CTO, Dr Gunter Erfurt, has been invited to present to a high-level session focusing on Heterojunction (HJT) cell expansion and its potential as a breakthrough technology for multi-gigawatt mass production in 2019. With its focus on the development of industrialized high efficiency Heterojunction manufacturing solutions, Meyer Burger has already achieved HJT cells with recent record efficiencies of over 24.2% on its standardized HJT equipment. 

        A technology roadmap for HJT cells with efficiencies towards 25% is already in place at Meyer Burger. During his presentation, Dr Erfurt will include an update on Meyer Burger's successful SWCT? cell connection technology for which over 1GW has already been sold.

        Dr Erfurt was also asked to speak on passivated contact solar cells (also known as TOPCon or monoPoly?) and what is required for this technology to become a mainstream offering in the PV industry during the keynote session at PV CellTech.


        Meyer Burger (生產設備): http://www.elmuh.com/directory/equipment/664